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Yoga for Grief Relief

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"The conclusions of modern neuroscience all seem to point to one essential truth of biological determinism: prac- tice makes perfect. Our brains are capable of reformation, but they require discipline. The Yoga for Grief Relief practice—and its effects—resonates strongly in my life today and in those of my students who have engaged in it. The aim of this practice is to help you accept the reality of loss and then work through the pain of grief. Once a person can adjust to this new situation or environment without the loved one, then he or she can emotionally reinvest the love attached to the lost person or object and embark on a new life."

 An exerpt from the book...


I was truly good friends with my mother, and when she died of a stroke at 54 (I was 20), I was certainly not prepared for life without her. For two-and-a-half years, I lived in a state of denial, completely disconnected from my feelings. When I finally was able to be with the pain of grief, I discovered that my sternum (breastbone) had actually popped out. In essence, what my mind could hide, my body showed with pristine clarity: I had a broken heart. 

As life went on, I began working with Lyn Prashant, an outstanding therapist and creator of the Degriefing Process, a comprehensive mind-body approach to grief therapy. She asked me to develop a yoga practice to address the body-centered effects of grief, I could draw on own training as a somatic psychotherapist and yoga teacher as well as my own personal experience to build a sadhana (spiritual practice) for Yoga for Grief Relief.  

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