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“Losing a loved one to death pushes us into a series of feelings, beliefs, and behav- iors that we try strongly to resist. These are painful and scary, and we fear that these experiences of our brokenness may never end. Antonio Sausys has taken [my] ‘tasks of mourning’ and shows how the simple practices of yoga can help us fulfill these tasks and bring us the re-integration and relief that we seek. Practicing the wisdom of this ancient mind-body discipline can help the mourner begin to integrate [his or her] experiences after loss and to re-establish a sense of wholeness.”—J. William Worden, PhD, ABPP, author of Grief Counseling and Grief Therapy and Children and Grief: When a Parent Dies

"i welcome this type of Practical application of Yoga to one of the most important problems that people face in their life grief is an important part of the human life and yoga has a lot to offer in its management
I congratulate Shri Antonio Sausys on this venture and wish that more of us can learn these applications to daily life..."
-- Dr, Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, Pondichary, India.

“With compassion and clarity, Antonio Sausys brings dignity to the grieving process as he guides you, step-by-step, through loss to transformation and rebirth. Herein lies an important road map for the difficult rite of passage that we all must face at some point in our lives.”                                                                                                                                        —Anodea Judith, PhD, author of Wheels of Life: Eastern Body, Western Mind

“A loving approach to transforming grief and loss. Antonio’s work is East-West wisdom at its finest.”                                                                                                                                       —Larry Payne, PhD, founder of Samata International Yoga and Health Institute; coauthor of Yoga for Dummies and Yoga Rx and the Business of Teaching Yoga; and director at Yoga Therapy RxTM and Prime of Life YogaTM

"... Antonio has an enormous amount of experience, and his unique approach to Yoga practice includes focusing at least as much on the meaning of the poses and their relevance and usefulness in dealing with and enriching life, as to limiting the focus to the physical aspects of the poses alone . His skillful attention to issues individuals in a class may have, is manifested in his ability to attend to any modifications individuals may need while still focusing on the class as a whole His perspective in teaching and practice, also includes continuously focusing on the mind, body and spirit and the balance between them. He is multitalented and seems to have endless energy. In addition to Yoga, he has training in Psychology and has, with a small group of others, founded and cultivated the popularity and awareness of Yoga Therapy
- Dr. Ronnie Ranz, Mill Valley, CA

"... Antonio Sausys is a passionate, talented, creative and intuitive Yoga teacher.He is able to listen with both heart and mind, and combine techniques that are pertinent to the individual; their physical capabilities and emotional process. He is highly trained in combining the skills of traditional psychology and the practice of Yoga for healing and personal growth. Antonio is both competent aware and thus able to ‘hold space’ for the individual to be exactly where they are at, and provide safety and instill confidence. His phenomenal contribution to the healing arts field is creating an individual ‘Sadhana’(a daily practice routine) for each person. This requires addressing, in depth, postures and mental focus that fortify each person’s ability.
- Lyn Prashant, Founder and Creator of the Degriefing Process, San Francisco, CA

"I wanted to thank you for presenting the Grief Relief Workshop on Saturday. The gentleness and knowledge you exhibit and posess is crucial to understanding and living with grief. Perhaps the most important statement that you made for me is that there is no time limit and that the pain never "goes away." I know this is true, but so few others are willing to acknowledge this fact. Why would I want to end the pain of losing my beautiful son? That is the exprerssion of my undying love for him..."
--Lisa W. Novato, CA

"... I wanted to tell you thank you for your bright, present, strong, and funny presence teaching the ancient teachings of yoga. Your humble delivery let us all respect you but feel in control of our own experiences. It was a cool rainy Friday that I attended your class in the White Lotus Tent...unique. I was on the red carpet for a mat. And I've done the series that you gave on paper a few times since then..."
-- Ayden Bremner, Oakland, CA

"... Thanks for a wonderful class. Your words and the exercises (especially the Windmill) had a profound/transformative impact on me I never expected. Realizations and questions are pouring in. It's overwhelming, kind of mind blowing ... I came to take a class that would help me undertsand the parents I work with but received new hope that I might find the Divine, that I might belong in this Universe and moreover matter or be loved - this is something I have anguished over most of my ife although I've learned to not think about it until a big loss tore me open a few months ago. Who would of thought the answer might be in my body after all these years of trailing around pondering, pondering, pondering, talking, asking, pleading, begging, imploring, immense amounts of dialog (with several psychologists!) and then years of silence? No answers, just my annoying blather going around and around. Your teaching method was clear, penetrating, very professional and accessible. (Which is very different from previous experiences I've had with yoga instructors ... which is why I asked you for contacts -- plus the mind-body-spirit connection never clicked before, astonishingly)..."
-- Odile Cole, Esq.; Menlo Park, CA

" Also wanted to thank you for conducting such a wonderful class and being a vital part of the shifting experience over the past week. Your passion about yoga is self evident but yet you are sensitive to how students receive the information. And that makes you a very special teacher. I felt honored and blessed to have been part of a life changing experience with you.
-- Gene Meiergerd, Anchorage, Alaska

"... Your voice came to my head and reminded me that if we stand on rubber we don't discharge. So I took off my sandals and for the first time in my life I could actually FEEL the things you were talking about! and what a powerful experience it was!!! My body statred discharging so much, as if it was laughing - every cell was bursting with rolloing uncontrolled laughter of relief. layers and layers of mpressions and reactions surfaced and released to the ground like a waterfall.
-- Tal Raveh, Palo Alto, CA