antonio-teaching SevenPonds: How Does Yoga Aid the Grieving Process? An Interview with Antonio Sausys
Today, SevenPonds speaks with Antonio Sausys of Yoga for Grief Relief. Antonio has extensive experience in both modern, body-oriented psychotherapy and ancient yogic teachings; he also is a somatic health practitioner and yoga instructor specializing in yoga for grief relief.
buddha SevenPonds: Life Just Dealt Me a Hell of a Trauma
My timing to review this book could not have been better. I experienced my second-ever difficult trauma a few months ago and I’ve been in full grieving mode.
gI_119242_Antonio-head-shot---Crop PRWeb: Yoga Aids the Grieving Process, Transforms Grief into a New Identity
Integrated Health Yoga Therapy ( faculty member Antonio Sausys’s first book Yoga for Grief Relief: Simple Practices for Transforming Your Grieving Mind and Body (New Harbinger Publications, June 1 2014) conducts an evidence-based yet deeply personal exploration of grief, then draws from his own trail-blazing work in yoga therapy to offer a step-by-step, illustrated guide to applying specific yoga practices to not only facilitate but ultimately transform the grieving process.
This summer I did something I have been wanting to do for years: I went to a Yoga for Grief Relief weekend workshop with Antonio Sausys.



2831-grief21 Yoga Journal: The Longest Goodbye
For the better part of a decade, Susan Marchionna has arisen every weekday morning in her Berkeley, California, home and done a modest asana practice: a few seated stretches and a few Sun Salutations, and some additional standing poses, with occasional variations in the 20-minute routine.
usnews US News: Yoga: A Treatment for Grief?
Abby Saloma was physically and mentally crushed from caring for her mother, who was dying from ovarian cancer. To make things worse, the then 27-year-old was hours away from the District of Columbia yoga studio that had helped her cope with her mom's diagnosis.
yogaforgrief Yoga for Grief Relief - Relevant Knowledge for Yoga Therapists
I was first struck by major grief at the age of 19 when my mother, my best friend, died of a stroke at age 52. The journey into the grief that followed my mother’s departure transformed my life, and it continues to do so today


Yoga for Grief Relief Antonio Sausys (Short in English)

Yoga para el Duelo y la Perdida (In Spanish)

Antonio Sausys-Death of a Parent: Healing Mind, Body and Spirit
(Open to Hope TV interview)

Episode #13 Death of a Parent: Healing Mind, Body and Spirit
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