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Yoga for Grief Relief (Book)


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If you’ve experienced loss, you may feel intense emotional or even physical pain. In fact, it’s not uncommon for grieving people to experience depression, anxiety, fatigue, and a variety of other physical, mental, and spiritual symptoms. If you’ve tried other ways to move beyond your loss but have yet to find relief, you may be surprised to discover the transformative effects of yoga.

Yoga for Grief Relief combines over 100 illustrations of gentle yogic poses and the power of psychophysiology and neuroscience to help you recapture a true sense of well-being. You’ll also find breathing exercises, cleansing techniques, and self-relaxation tips to help you work through your loss and begin on the journey to self-knowledge and re-identification. At its core, yoga is about accepting change. If you are open to viewing your loss as an opportunity for growth, this book will help transform your grief with gentle clarity and awareness.

Yoga for Energy Flow (DVD)


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The word Pawanmuktasana (PMA) is composed of three Sanskrit words: pawan meaning 'wind' or 'air' and in Ayurvedic terms 'vata' or 'vayu', mukta, 'liberation' or 'freedom', and asana, 'posture'. PMA then means the posture which releases or liberates wind or air. Allowing Pawan – ‘Divine Wind’, the breath and the vital force associated with it) - to freely flow throughout the mind-body system is essential in accomplishing a sense of well-being, and to gain and maintain good health.

This practice offers a set of very simple yet powerful exercises intended to unblock and reestablish the natural flow of life force or vitality. Symptoms are a result of, or themselves result in an alteration of he natural flow of vital force. PMA can be defined as the series of asanas that liberates movement, opposing stagnation, degeneration and disease, allowing change, renewal and rejuvenation. PMA therefore helps manage the symptoms of grief.

At the same time this practice provides an opportunity to reach a deeper contact with the body improving self-knowledge.