Individual Sessions

Individual sessions offer a space for a more accurate self-reflection and an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the grieving process itself as it applies to each case. The process starts by filling out an Intake Form where I learn about the specific loss a client is interested in processing, what symptoms are more acute, what other therapies the client has experienced before, what are his or her treatment goals, and where I can inform clients about few rules of our therapeutic interaction. At the first session (90’ long) clients can chose to sit on chairs or back jacks on the floor so we discuss the needs and abilities of the client and the ways in which my work can benefit them. Upon deciding about frequency (often 1/week) and length (often either 60’ or 90’) of the session, I provide clients with basic exercises and self-assessment charts that we then study together. As the treatment progresses, we alternate between talk and practice of parts of the Yoga for Grief Relief program, using useful communication skills to identify and manage the symptoms of grief and to help the transition through the 4 Tasks of Mourning proposed by William Worden.

While the work during the session is seminal, practicing both the exercises and the communications skills at home only deepen its effects. This conscious work through the grieving process often reveals aspects of the old identity that need attention and work so individuals can re-identify themselves. Together we then decide whether to transition from grief counseling into personal therapy work per those revealed needs. This process is at times linear and at times not, when clients need breaks in their treatment. In those cases a ‘closing session’ is needed where we evaluate the motives for interruption, progress achieved, potential risks, and unmet needs. This closure allows for proper future  re-engagement.

Once the treatment is completed, clients often return based on new life stressors, current losses, or to simply check on aspects of personal life.

Individuals are often part of a family system that is too affected by grief. At times, I propose clients to invite their family members or those emotionally related to them to come to a session.

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Payment for the individual sessions can also be made through Zelle. In case you are not familiar with the system, please check for instructions on how to register and use 4158453848 (+14158453848 outside of USA) as the number to send your payment.