Retreats offer individuals a safe environment to explore and share personal grief experience in a group context by establishing a ‘sacred container of confidentiality’ and clear rules of interaction amongst the attendees. The course work alternates general grief theory with experiential YGR individual and group work techniques that can help individuals move through the pain of loss to find release and relief. In addition to the 2 hour daily morning practices of the full YGR Sadhana (routine), specific techniques are added and their results explored throughout the day so each participant can fully benefit from the program.

Participants are invited to fill out specific charts (i.e. Primary and Secondary Loss Chart, 4 Tasks Self Assessment Chart, Symptoms Chart) that induce an experience of self-reflection destined to identify individual grief reactions and their proper management. Special attention is paid on key aspects of personal identity that need to be processed to understand the new self emerging after an important loss.

As weather and venue conditions permit, we practice both inside the class room as well as outside in nature. In addition to scheduled time, some extracurricular activities could be proposed.

The retreats are 3 to 6 day long and they are a pre-requisite to enrolling in a Professional TrainingClick to find out time and location of the next retreat.

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The following information is for the August 3 - 5, 2018 Retreat at Satyoga Studio in San Anselmo, California:

      •  Early Bird $475 (plus 3% fee for PayPal) Before or on 7-1-18

    • $555 (plus 3% fee for PayPal) after that. No refunds given after 7-1-18 unless Retreat is cancelled

All registrations are subject to cancellation on 7-3-18 if enrollment is not sufficient.